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The main office of BitForex is located in Singapore, but the place of registration of the cryptocurrency exchange is in the Seychelles. The first question that comes to mind is: how did the exchange manage to reach such heights in such a short period of time? The thing is that the company is backed by large investors and the best developers. BitForex investors were Tencent, McKinsey, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft and Lenovo. The amount of investments amounts to tens of millions of US dollars. The exchange was developed by graduates of Columbia and Cambridge universities. Therefore, such success is a completely natural result of the work done. However, under the onslaught of new exchanges, BitForex is also gradually losing ground. The official website states that the platform is in the top 10 global cryptocurrency exchanges. And this statement was true before. But today BitForex is approaching the departure from the TOP-20.

3 thoughts on “BITFOREX REVIEW

  1. Rebzya, I agree that this office deserves a place on the black list. She does not keep her promises. The main task is to lure crypto traders into your trap, and there it’s already a matter of small things. Don’t get fooled!

  2. Previously, he was engaged in investing in the agro-industrial sector, but recently earnings have fallen significantly. I decided to change my occupation and the devil pulled me to contact this sharashkin office. Now I understand that I made a hasty decision. Although the crypto market is poorly regulated, there are legitimate exchanges. And I’ve got in touch with a real scammer. Not only did he not earn anything, but he also blew his personal savings.

  3. This scam is better to bypass the long road. It won’t make any sense. Cooperation is beneficial only to the authors of this scam project. They pour other people’s funds into their pockets and do not make contact.

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