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360 Crypto Traders Review


About company:

Leading the way in online trading Established in 2016, the 360Crypto Traders is a global leader in online trading, bringing the opportunities of financial markets to global audiences, wherever they are and whatever their financial ambitions.


company that guarantees seamless and safe access to the forex market regardless of existing market conditions. Our team has a vast experience in the sphere of client and partner support.


we devoted best of our efforts to recruiting and retaining the most promising professionals out there. This is to make sure that you will always be able to enjoy most innovative services.


360Crypto Traders has always supported prospective sports teams which strive for great results and new victories. For lifetime, Zvolen has proved its mastery, determination, and desire to fight and win.

3 thoughts on “360 Crypto Traders Review

  1. From draining the deposit on Trade360, when my terminal was hopelessly frozen just before the trend reversal, I was saved by the possibility of direct connection to the desktop of the company’s technical support staff. The AnyDesk program known to all Internet users is used. It turned out that the driver just flew off, but I could not quickly solve the problem on my own without the help of specialists. In general, I liked the web terminal from the company’s developers, because it has a huge number of indicators and graphical tools available. The most useful indicator for me turned out to be the indicator of traders’ mood, which I had previously met only in an amateur version. Trade360 is my favorite among brokers so far.

  2. These scammers do not allow you to open an account with a normal company. I tried registering with Trade360 twice to get under Australian regulation. And twice I was sent to an offshore company. So it’s all lies. If you live outside the EU, then you will register an account offshore and without any regulation.

  3. After a month of trading, 40% of the won 40% of the deposit in trade 360 ​​began to freeze charts. The first sign of culinary. And at first they carefully concealed their essence, bastards!

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