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Team History
AAX was founded in early 2018 and after over 18 months of research and development, the exchange was officially launched in November 2019.
From the outset, the goal was to create a digital asset exchange that would be attractive to the vibrant community of retail traders, while still being able to withstand regulatory scrutiny and suit institutional financial market participants.
To create a world-class exchange suitable for both retail and institutional investors, we have brought together professionals from the world of cryptocurrencies, creatives, as well as from corporate structures such as HSBC, IBM and JPMorgan.
AAX has offices throughout the Asia-Pacific region and a team of 200 is led by CEO Thor Chan. Drawing on his experience as Deputy CEO of FDT Group, product management experience at App Annie and Microsoft, and experience in building low latency trading systems, Chan successfully established AAX as the leading institutional-grade exchange in the region in less than a year.
A strong team, robust technology, and a strong commitment to safety, market integrity, and performance: we believe that as the industry continues to evolve and regulation truly begins to take root, these elements will be key to success, long-term sustainability, and mainstream adoption.
Looking to the future and deeply convinced that cryptoassets will play an increasingly important role in the world, AAX was built with durability in mind.
The future belongs to cryptocurrencies. The future is AAX.
We are trusted by over 3 million crypto investors
Invest, trade and grow with AAX


  1. The AAX exchange is a great cryptocurrency exchange. It seems to me that this is one of the platforms with a very good combination of currency pair options and the number of coins. They have a live chat and a fast responding customer service team. Just like when you start using other crypto exchanges, make sure you know what you are doing and know how to properly create accounts, trade, deposit funds, withdraw funds, etc. I am a huge fan of the user interface, which is why I switched to this exchange, but in any case, setting up a trading strategy can be tricky.

  2. This is one of the best exchanges that I can really comfortably trade on. I have been trading with the AAX exchange since January, everything is smooth, clear and safe.
    I am not an experienced trader but still found everything very easy and intuitive to use. I have 4 accounts on 4 different exchanges, they are all top tier exchanges and AAX is the best one in my opinion.
    No questionable hidden fees, no dusty crypto crackers you can never use again, low withdrawal fees, no crazy minimum withdrawals, basically no surprises! Highly recommend!

  3. I started using the AAX exchange a few months ago when I first started learning more about cryptocurrency investing. I wanted to find an alternative to some of the other well-known exchanges, and while the interface didn’t seem quite as user-friendly at first, I was really impressed with the speed at which my deposits (and withdrawals, contrary to what others said) happened.
    The speed of transfers is, by the way, a huge plus; you should also rely on it when choosing an exchange. The support team has always responded promptly to any questions in those rare cases when I needed them. The app could have been better, but despite this, AAX has now become my favorite exchange for exchanging cryptocurrencies.

  4. I have been using AAX for many years and have had absolutely no problems trading, buying or selling. An easy to use and generally intuitive site with a secure and well organized support system. The company is working hard, new updates, features and coins are constantly coming out. I highly recommend people to try out their telegram support, where the staff is quick to help with 99% of questions/problems. Also, the AAX exchange takes security very seriously, which is probably the main reason why I am still with them, and the UX and quality of their products is the best I have seen in this area to date.

  5. The AAX exchange is by far the best platform I have ever used. The interface is beautiful and organized. They have their own AAB token which gives the holder many benefits. You can earn interest by keeping your coins on the exchange. They have a very advanced app where I can trade lightning fast wherever I am. This way, I will never miss a single deal or opportunity. Moderators are very responsive, polite and professional. The community has a very positive atmosphere! And you can earn passive income by inviting people through referrals. I am sure that very soon you will see her AAB coin among the top 5 tokens of the platform!

  6. In one of the “objective” reviews, the crypto exchange found AAX, and in some high place in the ranking. Decided to get to know each other better. A simple study of the site already gave an idea of ​​who is in front of me.
    Out of fun, apparently, the information pages were filled in by different people without agreement. Therefore, the date of formation of the exchange is different everywhere. The distant 2016 stands in the basement, and the pages contain both the 18th and 19th years.
    Further, the standard joke is the location in the business center of Singapore without indicating the number of the office or office. Even if you come to look for them on the spot, you will have to work hard.
    And the last moment – more than 200k subscribers on instagram, but a little more than 50 people like posts (apparently, employees). Everybody! I didn’t read further – I don’t get into this and I don’t recommend it to anyone. But everyone decides for himself.

  7. Having entered the so-called “crypto world”, I felt that I really want to learn more and generally figure out which exchange is better. I searched and chose between ******, ******, *****.*** and the relatively new AAX exchange. In the end, I chose AAX because after extensive research at home, I came up with the following pros:
    – The commission on the exchange is normal, justified by the functionality of the application and the site, and you can also bet on the coins of the exchange (AAB), for which you will receive rewards.
    — The application is good and quite intuitive (a digression for the first user would not hurt!).
    — The support service has always worked fantastically for me: there was a problem with registration (November), they solved it in less than a day, there were questions about updating my card – they also answered quickly.

  8. I am, as I like to imagine, already an advanced trader, so I declare with confidence and competence that the AAX exchange is one of the new crypto exchanges that will grow exponentially. I love their user interface, the app works great, the support team is very responsive. They also have local communities around the world, which I find very helpful for new investors in the market to educate themselves.

  9. The AAX exchange was my first cryptocurrency platform that I invested in. I only use the web platform, not the app. I think that the application still needs to be worked on, but personally I don’t really care about it, I’m used to using the site, it’s more convenient to track the movement of currencies.
    Among the advantages I can name: high-quality support, which is equipped with a good educational base in video articles, both news and educational, like life hacks or strategy tips. In general, I am very satisfied, I recommend trying it.