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About Atompix

Atompix is one of the newest technologies available in the industry for B2B trading services. Its innovative trading functions and cutting edge features have made Atompix a leading platform for new and experienced brokers.

Atompix is built from over 500 employees across 6 offices worldwide. With currently over 160,000 active users, Atompix is growing faster than any other trading platform in the industry.

Our aim is to help businesses access the financial markets with less time and money by offering full brokerage services to companies without the need of any additional software.

Atompix Trading Platform
The Complete Trading Solution

Our superior trading technology helps businesses access the financial markets with less time and effort by offering the trading platform as a complete ready-to-use solution, without the need for any additional trading software. Atompix is a modern platform for forex, cryptocurrencies and many other trading assets.

  • Attractive prices
  • Superior trading technology
  • Premium technology
  • Multi-language support
  •  High performance guaranteed
  •  Customer support
  •  Variety of trading tools
  •  Ease of use & installation
  •  Support of multiple trading accounts

3 thoughts on “ATOMPIX REVIEW

  1. Boychenko believes that the owners of the service have invested in their offspring. But not in the development of software or a website, but in advertising in the form of positive reviews. However, do not trust false data. You need to look more closely at the design of the web site. She has no contacts and legal documents.

  2. Another user doubts the competence of Atompix. How can you trust an office that has such a faded website? The founders write a lot about their unique development, but they themselves cannot invest in creating a quality resource. The gloomy picture is complemented by critical reviews that flicker on the Internet.

  3. The reviewer believes that Atompix is ​​not a real company. She has no contacts on the site. If you fill out the feedback form, the answer will not come. It is necessary to carefully check the organization before starting cooperation.

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