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European Auction Car Service, a leading company in its field, provides a full range of services including insurance, customs clearance and transport arrangements. Customers who value the quality and reliability of delivery of their vehicles choose European Auction Car Service as their preferred partner due to the high level of professionalism and reliability that the company provides.


  1. Remotely signed a contract, paid an advance payment. As the car was purchased and ready to ship, I paid the rest of the cost of the car! The car has already been received. I’m happy with the result!

  2. I bought my car in installments, the installment agreement was drawn up very quickly, I paid 40% of the cost of the car. They split the payments for a year, not a lot comes out per month, it’s not noticeable on the budget.

  3. I liked working with the company, everything is simple and clear. The manager sent the contract remotely for signature, I signed it and sent it back along with the advance payment. Everything is fine. Already before being loaded onto the ship and sent to the port of Jeddah, I paid the remaining amount under the contract. Picked up my PORSCHE 911 yesterday. Thank you!

  4. I turned to the European Auction Car Service on the recommendation of colleagues. Expectations did not disappoint! They brought me a Mercedes g63 from the auction. Managers are professionals in their field, information on buying and redeeming a car is available without problems, documents are processed clearly and quickly, I paid an advance payment under the contract and on the same day my car was purchased. When redeemed, they immediately register the car to the owner. Everything is great!

  5. Saw their ad on Instagram. I read it, I liked how they work, and the prices for cars are adequate. Sent them an advance payment for the purchase from the auction and a signed contract. I transferred only 30% of the advance payment, the rest after the car was bought, taken out of the auction and was ready to be sent to me. Three weeks later I took my car.

  6. Mercedes-Benz G63 2022 4.0, 3.300km. I bought for 130.000 euros. As he concluded the contract, he paid 39,000 for redemption at auction, the remaining amount was paid before loading onto the ship.

  7. I chose between several options, one of which I pretty quickly stopped. Auto was after Werbung advertising. The price, of course, surprised me, such a car in our domestic market is many times more expensive, and the condition is worse than after the roads of Europe.

  8. I bought myself a Land Rover Range Rover 2023. The price with all costs like delivery, auction fee, customs clearance is 1,120,000 euros.

  9. Hello everyone, the car got everything super. Advance payment of 30% and the rest on the fact of sending the car from the port of loading.

  10. My son helped me choose exactly the car that I wanted, then there was the question of prepayment, or rather an advance payment, it cost me 30% of the cost of my car + delivery and auction fee, the final payment for the car was after the car was bought and sent to port for loading and sending to me as the owner, at that moment I paid the remaining amount for the car.

  11. Remotely concluded an agreement with the company, paid 30% of the cost of the car on the site. On the same day, my car was purchased in my name and sent to the port of UAE Jebel Ali. Before loading, I paid the remaining amount for the car. Thank you.

  12. Thanks to companies like European Auction Car Service. Super fast delivery of my car. I can recommend!

  13. Having visited their website, I saw that there is a very large selection and excellent prices for cars. Decided to buy. I chose several options for the Porsche 911, the first one did not have time, it was sold, on the second one I just stopped and bought it. It took the guys 4 weeks to deliver to the port of United Arab Emirates.

  14. I liked the work of the company, it seems to work well and there are enough cars on their website to choose from. The fact that they work honestly, I myself was convinced of this and I have no complaints, I had my Porsche Panamera already after 4 weeks !!! Satisfied what price I paid.

  15. Buying used cars is very profitable, I recently convinced myself of this. I really liked their huge range.

  16. I took the car in my city 29 days later, as it was taken out of the auction in Europe and delivered to the port for loading.

  17. I found the car I was interested in in their telegram channel, but it so happened that it had already been bought out. On the company’s website, he himself began to search for the right option and bought it, sending an advance payment of 30% of the cost of the car, the rest after the car was bought, taken out of the auction and was ready to be sent to me in Qatar. Liked the service at European Auction Car Service

  18. I applied to several companies in order to purchase a car from Europe, preferably from an auction. They turned out to be not very decent. European Auction Car Service from the first contacts showed their openness on all issues. Timely and clearly informed about the selected car, confirming all actions with photographs. It is very good when each step of interaction is documented. This increases the credibility of the company. Big fellows. The calculation was made in cryptocurrency, very convenient. Mercedes-Benz EQS580 began to delight from the first minute after the transfer. I recommend contacting the European Auction Car Service team.

  19. When I decided to buy a car at an auction from abroad, I was a little worried about how to organize all the procedures. However, thanks to this company, all problems were solved. We signed a contract remotely, and I was able to pay on my own at the auction via SWIFT transfer

  20. Buying a car at an auction from abroad was easy and surprisingly easy thanks to this company. After the remote conclusion of the contract, I independently made the payment

  21. I have heard a lot about buying cars at auction from abroad, but I have always been afraid of this process. However, after contacting this company, I was convinced that it was possible and safe. The whole process, from the conclusion of the contract to the delivery of the car, was organized professionally. I received my car in excellent condition and at a price that I consider very reasonable. I recommend to anyone who wants to buy a car with the mind and without unnecessary hassle.

  22. I signed a remote contract for the purchase of a car from an auction in my name and made an advance payment for the purchase in the amount of 30% of the cost of the car. Before loading the car on the ship, the balance for the car and delivery was paid. I recommend this company to everyone.

  23. I took my car yesterday. There are no comments on the condition of the engine and chassis. I am very pleased with this car.

  24. Hello! I purchased a 2022 Land Rover Range Rover Sport with 1,320 kilometers through the company today for 94,000 euros. How to run in, I will add a review.

  25. I purchased a 2023 Land Rover Range Rover with a 4.4-liter gasoline engine. After signing the contract and paying for the car, it took 26 days, and the car was already with me in Dubai.

  26. Acquiring the car turned out to be a pleasant experience, everything went smoothly – fast delivery and affordable prices!

  27. Overall, my experience of buying a car at auction was very pleasant. I was pleasantly surprised by the professional organization of the entire process, from remote contract signing to receiving the car.

  28. Many thanks to the company for their professionalism and high-quality service. They ensured the security of my transaction and provided support at every stage of the process. My car was delivered in excellent condition, fully matching the description. I plan to turn to this company again for future purchases.

  29. I paid for the purchase of my car at the auction through a SWIFT transfer. The entire process was easy and convenient.

  30. I saw them on the 2022 Audi A8 website. The price is attractive. I wrote to whatsapp to check if the information is up to date. The manager answered and said yes. They prepared a contract for me remotely, I read it, signed it and sent it, paid the advance payment, provided all the necessary information and documents so that the car was bought with my documents in my name. I would like to say that I am very happy that this company was recommended to me.

  31. They really understand how to make the car buying process at an auction as comfortable as possible. I paid the advance payment when signing the contract, which added to my confidence in the fairness of the deal. After receiving the loading report and transport documents, I promptly paid the remaining amount. My car was delivered on the container ship on time, and I am very satisfied with this company!

  32. Buying this car at an auction turned out to be easier and more convenient than I expected. Payment with cryptocurrency USDT went smoothly, and I encountered no difficulties in this process. The 4-week delivery time on the container ship was excellent. My car arrived in perfect condition, and I’m happy I chose this company!

  33. It’s important to note that this company is merely an intermediary, but they performed their task excellently. Many thanks to the team for their quality work and successfully completing the car delivery mission. At the moment, we are absolutely satisfied with our purchase.

  34. The payment process is divided into stages, making it convenient and secure. First, I made a down payment to start the search for the car, and then I paid the remaining amount when the car was ready to be loaded onto the ship. This system ensures that the car is ready for shipment.

  35. The company provided reasonable and transparent prices for its services, and the numbers did not change during the transaction. The entire process was legally transparent, and I even consulted with a lawyer when signing the contract.

  36. I ordered a car for my son as a gift. I paid the entire amount at once, waited 4 weeks, the car arrived in perfect condition, that’s all I want to say. Wait, we’ll be back soon for new equipment.

  37. The task was simple, the car must be fresh, preferably from Europe, enter into an agreement, pay for the car and wait no more than a month. And so it happened, for almost 29 days the car we had chosen and paid for was in our city.

  38. We concluded an agreement, I paid the entire cost at once and the next day the car delivery process began. The car was already in the port of Jebel Ali after 30 days. Respect for such a service!!!

  39. The car’s condition was the most crucial factor for me, and I was pleasantly surprised. It looks almost like new, and no one would believe it’s already in its third year. My purchase exceeded all my expectations, and I was very satisfied with the quality of service.

  40. The payment process is divided into stages, which makes it convenient and safe. First, I made a down payment to start the search for the car, and then paid the remaining amount when the car was ready for shipment. This system allows ensuring the car’s readiness for shipping.

  41. Despite a small delivery delay of four days, the car arrived in excellent technical condition. It was in the factory paint and had no damages. I have no complaints about this, and I’m ready to recommend this company.

  42. The company skillfully managed the entire process, helped with the choice, organized a complete check of the vehicle’s condition and ensured its reliable delivery. Great job!

  43. They helped me choose a car and also organized all the delivery logistics. The car was in excellent condition and exactly as described.

  44. I had no experience participating in auctions, but with the help of the company’s services the transaction went smoothly. They gave me a detailed consultation and helped me choose the most suitable car.

  45. I paid 30% of the car’s cost after it was ready for loading and shipping to Spain Marbella. I want to express my immense gratitude to the company’s employees who were involved in the purchase and delivery of my car. They proved to be professionals!

  46. Not the first time I’ve purchased a car from Europe, but there have always been some problems before, though not significant. Thank you for your work; without you, I wouldn’t be the owner of such a car. For those interested, I highly recommend these guys!

  47. purchased a 2022 BMW Z4 with a 3.0 Petrol engine. I’m sure these were the best prices on the market. I paid for the car using USDT cryptocurrency.

  48. We successfully purchased a 2023 Land Rover Range Rover with only 1,440 km on the clock. The total cost including purchase, delivery and all additional costs was 144,000 euros. The car was picked up at the UAE port.

  49. The entire process of delivering my car from auction took only 27 days. The company showed excellent skill in solving all organizational issues. The port services helped me pick up the car without any problems. The entire process was organized clearly and without delays. My sincere thanks to the entire team of the company!

  50. Remotely entered into a contract with the company, made a payment of 30% of the total car cost. On the same day, my car was purchased in my name and sent to the port. Before loading onto the ship, I paid the remaining amount for the car.

  51. The remote contract signing and payment through SWIFT transfer went smoothly and without any surprises. My car was delivered exactly within the specified timeframe in the contract and in perfect condition. I am very satisfied with the result!

  52. Bought a Ferrari 488 for 222,000 euros. The company indeed has excellent prices for cars. I am completely satisfied with the deal and express my immense gratitude for the fast delivery!

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