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About company:

LocalTrade is an exchange that has been operating since 2017. It specializes in trading more than twenty cryptocurrencies. Spot trading available. For a transaction, LocalTrade charges a commission of 0.2% of its volume. Also on the platform, you can quickly exchange coins or make a profit for their placement (staking). In addition, the functionality of the exchange includes a code generator that allows you to send cryptocurrency to other users. As well as a service for launching cryptocurrency projects.

3 thoughts on “LocalTrade.cc  Review

  1. In my opinion, only the commission is more or less the norm, the rest is like everyone else, and even worse. I do not advise. They are not customer-oriented, because they cannot even answer a question normally in a chat. A bunch of complex sentences and you will get to the essence of FIG. In the course and in terms of trade, the same thing is here

  2. The platform looks convenient and understandable, but glitches are regular here. Support simply does not respond to such claims. It seems to me that they themselves understand that they are scary, but they can’t do anything. If they wanted to work for the future, then there would be no such jambs. and so you see soon skamanutsya

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